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Playing with frits

My blog has sat here so long untended that I am leaping in and hoping to get posting regularly. When teaching I often hear students say they can’t draw and I try to persuade them that they can learn and the most important thing to do is to practice. I need to practice too as skills can diminish over time if not used and that has happened particularly to my writing so here I am.

This week I have been experimenting with some new frits that are made for use with float glass (these are coloured particles of glass) to use with future Fusing with Float courses. I am particularly happy with the results of two of the frits, Light Aqua and Antique Rose, as they have fired to a gentle light colour and up until now we have only had a yellow and orange that were very light. Apart from wanting to offer a wider range of colours I wanted these light ones as they contrast so effectively against metals which tend to darken in the kiln, for example copper that turns to a deep red.

Here is the palette with Gold Ruby at the top followed by Light Aqua, Amber and Antique Rose all available to buy from and in grade three thickness (so not the powders that we have lots of fun with in the afternoons of our Fusing with Float courses).


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