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Back in the studio I have been trying to work with these colours in my paintings. I have been painting a layer of oranges or reds, letting that dry and then alternating with cooler colours to make sure I use the warmer colours (a great way to avoid muddy colours too). Now I have to own up the results are predominantly blue – my excuse is that we wanted some paintings for our kitchen and the room has lots of blues in it. The extra good news is the oranges and reds really stand out against the blues and greens. So if you fancy joining me in this fun exercise you can slot it easily into everyday life and maybe it will help you as well to discover different colour combinations.



We have so many habits in our everyday life that we often don’t notice them, things like walking to school the same way each day make our lives simpler and manageable. Thinking about this I set out to notice more things visually and got the idea to take photos based on one colour through the lovely Mati Rose McDonough. I started with orange because I never use that in my glass, paintings or felt so off I went into Oxford armed with my trusty IPhone. Straight away I discovered that shop windows are a great place to see colours and how interestingly they can be combined.

My richest hunting ground so far has been Regents Street in London where I found more shades of red than I could imagine. I love the colours that sit on the edge of another hue such as the Walls ice cream sign that l photographed both for my orange and red collection; and yes I didn’t realise until I looked through them a week later. Funnily enough I have yet to collect blues probably because this is the colour I turn to most but when I do start photographing it I am sure I will find lots of exciting new shades.